Sorting & Packing of Fruit and Vegetables

Batta Group has an over of 25 years experience since 1992, through its station for sorting processing and packaging fruits and vegetables with the highest quality and the latest technology.

Batta Group is ISO9001, ISO22000, BRC and Global G.A.P certified.


Quality of Service

The quality department monitors the weight, color and use of hygienic materials to avoid any substances that are harmful to human health.

Production Process

Through the hands of our expert and trained workers in the production department, fruits and vegetables are packed without contact between the hand of the worker and the fruits or vegetables, taking into account the strict hygiene so that all workers follow hygiene and health procedures. To ensure the quality of fruits and vegetables and keep them fresh, there are refrigerators at the highest level to preserve the product before and after processing.


Vegetable and fruit products are placed in an orderly manner to keep the products fresh and avoid any damage caused during handling (such as bruises caused by pressure, collision, friction due to vibration, cutting and holes). Necessary data are placed on the package and include (type, class, weight or number, country of origin and brand).